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From the Director:


Thank you for letting me know when you can’t be at rehearsal. It helps me prepare better.

What do we do with the chairs?

Jennifer has asked us to put a chair each place there is a blue piece of tape after rehearsal. The tape goes between the front legs of the chair. Then stack the rest. No word about stands.

Blue shirts are here. I will bring them Wednesday. They cost $20 if you can afford it. If not, it is taken care of by the band fund.


For our concert Wednesday, November 5, at Capitol Manor the dress will be: Ladies – black dress, or black pants and top, patriotic ribbons, bows, pins, etc. (red, white, blue). Men – White shirt, patriotic tie (red, white, blue), black pants, shoes and socks. I have ordered more blue band shirts; they will be here by the end of October.

Arrival Time for Concert is 6:30. Friends and family are welcome to attend.


Wednesday, November 5, 7:00. Capitol Manor

Rehearsal music

(New) Original Thirteen – this will replace Songs of WWI for this concert.

(New) Omaha Beach – this will replace Garry Owen for this concert.

Armed Forces Salute


Annabelle Lee

New Ragtime Follies

Summer of ‘42

God Bless America

Boy Bands Then and Now (not in concert)